Hier sind die aus blognostalgischen Gründen archivierten Artikel des »Neben-Weblogs« zweisprech, das von 2009 bis 2011 aktiv war und »Leben und Arbeiten im Web Zwei« zum Thema hatte. Aktuellere Artikel zu ähnlichen und weiteren Themen hat das aktuelle Blog der Uninformat im Angebot.

David Gelernter

»A lifestream is a sequence of all kinds of documents — all the electronic documents, digital photos, applications, Web bookmarks, rolodex cards, email messages and every other digital information chunk in your life — arranged from oldest to youngest, constantly growing as new documents arrive, easy to browse and search, with a past, present and future, appearing on your screen as a receding parade of index cards. Documents have no names and there are no directories; you retrieve elements by content: ›Fifth Avenue‹ yields a sub-stream of every document that mentions Fifth Avenue.«

Schrieb David Gelernter im Jahre 2000 in seinem Essay »The Second Coming«. 2009 gilt es ein sehr kluges Gespräch von John Markoff and Clay Shirky mit David Gelernter zu studieren.

Noch ein interessantes Zitat daraus. Ein »stetiger Fluss« von Daten passt zu uns Menschen besser als »der Desktop«, meint Gelernter:

»It seemed to me that, obviously there are two ways you can organize things; in space or in time. I can take the spatial route that the desktop, which was a brilliant PARC invention in 1974, and I can say, ›Well, certain things will be here and certain things will be there.‹ But usually space is not as good a cue as time. We all know when we were born more or less and what our childhoods were like and what we were doing when we were in college. We move around all the time — I move desks and I move offices and I move buildings and stuff like that — but history, time, the life that I live, my experiences are automatically arranged chronologically. So it seemed to me that data objects should be arranged that way.«

via netzwertig.com

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