Dieser Artikel erschien ursprünglich in meinem ersten Weblog das Netzbuch, das von Mai 2002 bis November 2006 aktiv war, und wurde hier aus blognostalgischen Gründen archiviert. Aktuellere Artikel hat der Uninformat im Angebot.

Netscape R.I.P.


Das Webstandards Project hat eine ausführliche Übersicht mit Links zu aktuellen Artikeln und Meinungen zum Tod von Netscape.

Ein interessantes Zitat daraus: »Browsers aren`t typically chosen by people who care about things like independence and technical superiority. Browsers are chosen by end users. […] end users don`t understand tech and don`t want to. They choose technology based on what they think is safe. Well-known brands appear safe because so many other people are using them. Aside from IE, the only browser brand with any recognition outside Web developer circles is Netscape. With the Netscape browser dead people – including some Web developers – may conclude there is no viable alternative to IE. Worse, many may decide that Web standards are synonymous with `works in IE/Win`.

It`s up to us (and you) to ensure that doesn`t happen.«