Dieser Artikel erschien ursprünglich in meinem ersten Weblog das Netzbuch, das von Mai 2002 bis November 2006 aktiv war, und wurde hier aus blognostalgischen Gründen archiviert. Aktuellere Artikel hat der Uninformat im Angebot.



»My blog is extremely tedious, and I`m buggering off for a few days to think of something interesting« (Blogtastic).

»The nutty blog hype, such as it is, has been inflated by a handful of weblog tools vendors and exhibitionists who desperately see this as their big moment. By promoting the humble blog as a social tool that heralds an “Emergent Democracy”, or a fabulous network that can overthrow Big Brother, they`re crowning themselves with the mantle of populist heroes« (The Register).

»1. Virtual sociality is real and important. 2. Bodies are real and important. I`m having trouble bringing the two ideas together, but I am unwilling to give up either« (Joho The Blog).