Dieser Artikel erschien ursprünglich in meinem ersten Weblog das Netzbuch, das von Mai 2002 bis November 2006 aktiv war, und wurde hier aus blognostalgischen Gründen archiviert. Aktuellere Artikel hat der Uninformat im Angebot.

Große Dinge passieren in der Blogosphere ...


…, schreibt Ben Hammerslay in einem weiteren Artikel im Guardian zum Thema TypePad:

»By creating content management systems with professional features, for around one thousandth of the price of the systems the large sites of the dotcom era were forced to use, the weblogging industry is rapidly creating new possibilities for people to make a living writing for the web. […] So what next for weblogging? Here in Silicon Valley, there are rumours that a big announcement from Blogger may come in the next few days, but no announcements seem forthcoming from any other weblog tool companies. This will change rapidly. Due to the nature of the hyperconnected weblog world, the news of TypePad will travel quickly. […] For a part of the internet that has so much quiet influence, TypePad and its features may just be the start of something really big.«