Dieser Artikel erschien ursprünglich in meinem ersten Weblog das Netzbuch, das von Mai 2002 bis November 2006 aktiv war, und wurde hier aus blognostalgischen Gründen archiviert. Aktuellere Artikel hat der Uninformat im Angebot.

Big change!


Starting today, this blog will continue in english. Because surfers in german speaking countries are a much too small audience for all the wisdom I have to spread, I decided to broaden my audience to the world. And the Netzbuch Netbook will look much more important and impressive in english, won`t it? World domination is my target!

Imagine, people all over the world can`t wait to read about the german soccer team. And about Borussia Mönchengladbach, of course. In my sleepless dreams I see people in America, Africa and Antarctica waiting for my rants about politicians from Wiesbaden and Hesse, and wether they blog or not. Interesting times to come, folks!

During the 1st of April I will rewrite the whole site in english, so stay tuned!