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iPod und die Konkurrenten


David Pogue, Buchautor und Kolumnist der NYT, über den iPod und seine Konkurrenten: “For iPod. 6 Flavors of Flattery” (kostenlose Registrierung erforderlich, die sich aber lohnt, via Dienstraum). Sein Fazit:

»Apple could have been some character from Greek mythology: blessed with ingenious, culture-changing innovation yet cursed with seeing its ideas co-opted by rivals who wind up making all the money. In the iPod`s case, though, none of the companies who lust for some of Apple`s pie can deliver the elegance and convenience of Apple`s music trinity: iPod, the iTunes software and the iTunes music store.
But if an iPod isn`t for you, you could do worse than buying the Dell for its simplicity and economy, the iRiver for its super-geeky feature list or the Rio Karma for its excellent design and compact dimensions. In this election, at least, there can be more than one victor.«