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Gefährliche Designerdroge: PHP


Eine schon etwas ältere Meldung, nichtsdestotrotz machte sie meinen Tag: Student Suspended Over Suspected Use of PHP

» High school sophomore Brett Tyson was suspended today after teachers learned he may be using PHP. “A teacher overheard him say that he was using PHP, and as part of our Zero-Tolerance policy against drug use, he was immediately suspended. No questions asked,” said Principal Clyde Thurlow. “We`re not quite sure what PHP is, but we suspect it may be a derivative of PCP, or maybe a new designer drug like GHB.” Parents are frightened by the discovery of this new menace in their children`s school, and are demanding the school do something. “We heard that he found out about PHP at school on the internet. There may even be a PHP web ring operating on school grounds,” said irate parent Carol Blessing. “School is supposed to be teaching our kids how to read and write. Not about dangerous drugs like PHP.”«

[Via Beissholz]